Saturday, August 15th, 2009

I’m on a Boat. No Literally I Am

There’s a profile of me in the L.A. Times this weekend. I won’t — would never — lie to you: this is very exciting for me. To have a major print publication do a proper profile of me, that has been a regular feature in my fantasy life for, oh, the past three decades or so. Now it’s here. And it’s great, a really great piece of thinking and writing (as well it should be, since it’s by Ed Park, who is both smarter than, and a better writer than, me). There’s even some rather personal stuff in there, about the end of my marriage, which I’ve never talked about before, and that at the time I thought might be too much. But now I’m glad I talked about it.

They sent a photographer to my house to do the picture. We did a long photoshoot, much of which had me sitting in a toy boat that belongs to my daughter. I got really into the toy boat. I feel I really worked the boat. But in the end they ran one of me sitting on an ottoman instead.

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