Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Enthralling and Mature

Ugh, I had hoped to update this news page more regularly. Soon the flurry of reviews will be over, and it’ll be too late, and I’ll wish I had. I’m in Denver right now, flying to Chicago in a couple of hours. Which is great, because (probably not coincidentally) we just got two great notices in the Chicago papers. The Tribune said that The Magicians “blooms with grace and wit and imaginative brio,” which is one of my favorite things anybody has said about it, and nicely put, too. (Scroll past the Julie & Julia lede, it gets there.) The Sun-Times proclaims me to be at the height of my powers, which I’ve always wanted somebody to say about me. (Though it begs the question, is it all downhill from here?)

What else? I can see into the future — since I’m at the height of my powers — so I know that Details will call The Magicians “enthralling and mature” in its September issue, thus making it sound like a sexy cougar. Grrrowl! The Examiner says things about The Magicians that I wouldn’t even dare think myself, let alone generic zithromax 250mg say. And USA Today stuck a classic poison-pen headline over a review that wasn’t that bad. No link for them.

Also I want to say something about the blog reaction to The Magicians. It has been amazing. Really, really amazing. I am not a famous author, so the amount of attention — good and bad, but mostly good — being paid to the book is … I can’t describe it. It makes me so happy. See for example Worlds in a Grain of Sand, Mabfan’s Musings, The Book Studio, Strange Ink, and so on. I haven’t been linking to blogs much, partly because the volume of coverage has been large and hard to sift through, and partly because — I’m being honest here — I have a really hard time reading coverage of The Magicians, and so I mostly stick to reading stuff that has been pre-approved for me as non-painful by other people, and nobody is filtering my blogs coverage for me. I will read it, all of it. But not till I’m done with my tour and can have a proper nervous breakdown.

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