Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

More Reviews

The Seattle Times posted a lovely review by their movie critic, who has the gloriously Hibernian name of Moira Macdonald:

Grossman skillfully moves us through four years of school and a postgraduate adventure, never letting the pace slacken. And he understands something quite moving about the uncertainties of young adulthood (the problem with growing up, notes Quentin, is that “once you’re grown up, people who aren’t grown up aren’t fun any more”) and about the isolation inherent in being different. When the students leave school, they return to a Manhattan seemingly without a place for them, carrying a bagful of skills that conjure up everything but happiness.”

Well, it’s not the most quotable review generic for azithromycin 250 mg ever. But it’s good, I promise.

August 1, 2009
All right, now that major U.S. reviews are coming in, I’m going to start sticking them up here. Today there was a beautiful one in the Washington Post (by Keith Donohue, no mean novelist himself) that just nailed everything I’m proud of about The Magicians. It’s here:

“The Magicians” is a great fairy tale, written for grown-ups but appealing to our most basic desires for stories to bring about some re-enchantment with the world, where monsters lurk but where a young man with a little magic may prevail.”

This is the first review in a “major” U.S. paper, whatever that means. And it’s good. Relief.

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