Monday, August 24th, 2009

I Am Not a Number I Am a Free Man

Now that I’m back from the tour, I have a second to post the big news, which is no longer as newsy as it was when it actually happened: The Magicians will make its first appearance next week on the New York Times bestseller list. At number 9! This is a big, big breakthrough for me. Thank you to everyone who bought the book. The list is already up here. There’s even an asterisk next to it to say that I almost made it to number 8, but James Patterson medicament zithromax 250mg pipped me at the post.

The Magicians also turns up on some other lesser (but still very cool) bestseller lists: Publishers Weekly, the Washington Post (we’re number 6!), and the Wall Street Journal.

One more thing: the New Yorker ran a really nice short review in Briefly Noted. It’s here. In our house when I was growing up the New Yorker was always the magazine of record, so that nod means a lot to me. It almost makes up for their having rejected me for a fact-checking job 13 years ago.

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