Friday, July 8th, 2011

Magicians Art! Please Read

It’s been a few weeks since this happened. Since then my purpose-built Magicians art mailbox (magiciansart@gmail.com) has been filling up with gorgeous Mags-related artwork — Brakebills crests, a Two Moons pub logo, portraits of the Beast and the Watcherwoman, a Brakebills school scarf … awesome stuff.

If only there were some way you could see it. But there is: I stuck a selection of it in this gallery on Facebook.

(this is by Cecilia Bohlin, and copyright her. also it is amazing.)

(Unrelated: after watching this video I can only hear ‘Facebook’ as ‘Fa-chay-book.’ Because that’s how Voldemort says it.)

Please take a look. You can also do me, and the artists, a favor: hit the ‘like’ buy azithromycin for dogs button for your favorite pieces. The artists who did the most-liked pieces will get signed copies of The Magician King. 

The ultimate destiny of these images is the CafePress Magicians store, which is going to carry shirts and shot glasses and I don’t even know what all else related to the book. It’s not open yet. But it will be. Oh, it will be.

(If you’re interested buy xanax in doing art for it, it’s not too late! Send it to me at magiciansart@gmail.com).

Catch you later, mustache buddies.



5 comments on “Magicians Art! Please Read

  1. M says:

    3rd one is my favorite
    i dont have facebook so i can’t like stuff
    but yeah, it also reminds me of the “flag” that they designed for NBC community

  2. amybillingham says:

    i am also not on facebook, so i can’t “like” stuff.
    but i can love them!
    these are all awesome, and i am especially amazed by the variety of styles.

    if i had to pick one favorite, it would probably be the pauline baynes-style illustration.

    but if could like a bunch of them, i’d also give props to the one with the full set of badges (i’m so jealous of the welters idea!), the one of the beast (creepy glory is an awesome description, and the buttons are genius), and the watcherwoman as superhero (which has totally lodged itself in my brain, in a good way).

  3. Church says:

    Is it too late to submit my “Brakebill’s CoEd Naked Welters” shirt design?

  4. Leverus says:

    NEVER too late for coed naked welters

  5. Natalie Guididas says:

    Is the art page still up? I’m looking for inspiration to do my own fan art. I am in love with the show and cant wait to read your books!

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