Thursday, July 7th, 2011

That’s Link-credible! Fan Fiction, The Today Show, Locus, Etc.

I was working on a headline with “link-unabula” but it just got really arcane really fast.

All right, if I posted at a reasonable rate I wouldn’t have to cram all this stuff into one post, but I don’t, do I? I’ll start doing so soon.

— I’m on the cover of Locus this month, along with the incredible Ted Chiang, whom I have long admired from afar.

— I wrote an essay in Time about fan fiction, which I’ve been thinking about for a long time. My first draft was 8,000 words, and that didn’t seem like enough, and it’s running at 3,500 words, so I’m really proud of it, but some caveats apply.

— The first trade review of The Magician King (a bit spoilery, so reader discretion advised) in Kirkus

— I write here of my love for A Dance with Dragons, which really is everything you want it to be. (I made buy zithromax single dose online some stupid factual mistakes in the review. Once again, someone is wrong on the Internet!)

— Jennifer Weiner recommended The Magician King on The Today Show. She referred to The Magicians as “Dirty Harry,” which I’ve been wanting somebody to do for literally years.

— A propos of nothing (or I guess a bit of that fan fiction essay) I was reminded the other day of my great love for A Very Potter Musical, a fan production that pastiches and parodies the original. (The guy who plays Harry, Darren Criss, has now surfaced as a regular on Glee.) They make a lot of edgy choices, like for example Cho Chang’s entrance at 0:25 in Act 1, Part 2. (I could get into a long discussion of the live YouTube version vs. the vastly inferior studio soundtrack recording … but no.)

11 comments on “That’s Link-credible! Fan Fiction, The Today Show, Locus, Etc.

  1. milieu says:

    I am so, so, so looking forward to Dance. Been waiting for 6 years, and I just reread the whole series to be ready.

    The only other book that comes close to causing this yearning in me…well, you can probably guess it. The title rhymes with “The Mathematician Ring”.

  2. M says:

    congrats 😀 awesome cover
    will avoid reading the review till i get my copy
    reading the fanfiction thing now

  3. M says:

    cool! i didn’t know there were so many labels applied, e.g. alternate, canon.

    there’s this new thing that i learned..

    for example, if you label a character as


    harry is a cat in this story


    harry is a girl in this story, i dont know what uke means

    but this exclamation point might only apply to certain fandoms on livejournal, i’ve never seen it used at fanfiction.net but then again they have a real organized system as opposed to whatever the community moderators decide

    fanfiction.net deleted a lot of stories though, everything i wrote from age 12 – 15 cannot be found anymore

    sad, but also slightly relieved..

  4. M says:

    i should start finishing things before commenting

    on the legal issue:

    in japan there are dojinshi mangas which are basically slash fan-made (non-pro) mangas about love/sex based on characters from published mangas by professional mangaka

    the thing is with this is that they sell them (ohnoes, profit!)
    and estimated gross revenue from sales of dōjinshi in 2007 were 277.3 billion yen, or 14.9% of total otaku expenditure on their hobby

    so… apparently it is allowed if it’s not sold through commercial means but sold through convention type things for one day a year and the amateur artists are not prosecuted for it

    i actually think that’s pretty reasonable..


  5. Franzeska says:

    Uke is defined here: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Uke

    I thought the exclamation point thing was a general internet trend, not a fanfic thing, but it sounds like it started in X-Files fandom: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Exclamation_point

  6. Adrienne says:

    I hope the interview conveyed the conversation accurately….

  7. Leverus says:

    Oh, it did! I meant to write to you and say.

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