Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The Tour: OK Now It’s Really On

This isn’t really the start of the tour. The tour already started. Last week I did a couple of readings in New York and another in Boston.

(Thank you everybody who came. So far they’ve been big, sweaty, standing-room-only readings with tons of questions, which is the kind I love. It especially meant a lot to me at Brookline Booksmith, a store I used to haunt in my awful lost post-college years, when buying a hardcover was enough to bust my food budget, but I would do it anyway. Now not only have I read at Brookline Booksmith, I’ve been in the back. I’ve seen the break room. Bookstores are their own kind of Narnia)

But today the tour starts in earnest. I fly to St. Louis, a city where I do not think I have ever been before. I’m reading tomorrow night at the public library. Come zithromax online mastercard out! We’ll nerd it up.

A map of the Neitherlands. More Amy Billingham brilliance ...

And yes, there is an official tour name. Someone came up with it in comments, possibly on Facebook, and it was tremendously witty, and I’ve forgotten it completely. But it was awesome.

From St. Louis I go to Reno for WorldCon. I’m doing all the usual WorldConny things – it’s all on some celestial WorldCon schedule somewhere – but we’re also doing Magicians-themed parties Thursday night and Saturday night. If you’re at WorldCon, I require you to stop by and partake of free alcohol. I’m also hosting a nerded-up version of University Challenge on Thursday afternoon, order cipro online featuring teams from Hogwarts, Brakebills, Miskatonic and Unseen University. We still have a couple of openings, so if you want to play, drop me an e-mail.

24 comments on “The Tour: OK Now It’s Really On

  1. Jaimie says:

    Oh my God, I LOVE that Neitherlands map. I used to always want to visit the Wood Between the Worlds, but I think now the Neitherlands takes that cake, you know, as far as inter-world travel hotspots go.

  2. Was it “Gimme Welters?” That was the one I suggested, anyway.

    Loved the book! Can’t wait to see where the world and characters go from here.

  3. TJIC says:

    > Last week I did a couple of readings in New York and another in Boston.

    Damn it!

    I’m in Boston, and started reading Magicians…just last week. I missed out.


    Anyway, off to the bookstore tonight to buy the sequel. Good luck w the tour!

  4. Leverus says:

    Dude. That’s it. (I was thinking Welters Skelter? But I know it WASN’T RIGHT.) OK, that’s going in the next post. THANK YOU.

  5. I wish I could make it to one of the readings. Thanks for using the name, and also, for writing some kick-ass books.

    I’m a huge fan of Julia’s story by the way. It was a pleasant surprise (I avoided spoilers at all costs).

  6. Understand you can only visit so many places, but hoping some time in future you’ll swing by DC.

    And I thought the ending was beautiful.

  7. Jeff says:

    Fingers crossed for Atlanta!

  8. amybillingham says:

    yes, DC! DC! DC!

    But also… St. Louis just happens to be my hometown! If you have time while you’re there, go up in the Arch. (As long as you’re not claustrophobic; the tram ride up is a bit tight.) But it’s cool & kinda space-agey, and unique.

    “Gimme Welters” is AWESOME. I am working on t-shirt ideas right now. (When I say “working on” I mean in my head, but still…)

    Thanks for another nice shout-out. : )

  9. amybillingham says:

    and thanks, Jaimie, too!

  10. K.M. Walton says:

    And visiting Philadelphia would be great too.

  11. Leverus says:

    I know! I can only go where Viking sends me (they pay the airfare), which depends in turn on which bookstores invite me where … I blogged about the whole process here … http://levgrossman.com/2011/04/how-to-get-me-to-come-to-your-city-where-you-live/

  12. Laura Hora says:

    I really need to tell you that you are in St. Louis 3 DAYS before I am moving there and it is killing me! Where are those magical time traveling devices when you really need them?? However, I hope you have a fantastic time and that people ask you good, insightful questions that don’t make you roll your eyes or any such nonsense. Happy touring and thanks for writing these books!

  13. Tina Hsu says:

    Are you coming to Washington, DC?  I am in Portland now, but will leave just before your Powell’s event (so I will send my husband there in my place).  I just finished Magicians…devoured it like the Beast.  Looking forward to reading the new book!

  14. Tina Hsu says:

    Oh, I should have read the other comments first. Politics & Prose in DC would be great! I will suggest it…

  15. Tservo says:

    I loved ‘The Magican King’, Lev- it was a great read.
    I second a trip to Atlanta- perhaps the Decatur Book Festival again?

  16. amybillingham says:

    ATLANTA PEOPLE – Good News! The Gimme Welters Tour is already coming your way, on August 29th (check the Events link at the top). : )

    DC PEOPLE – We can make this happen! I think Tina’s suggestion of Politics & Prose is a good one. Their website says:
    All event-related inquiries can be sent to our Events Coordinator, Mike Giarratano, at events@politics-prose.com

    I also called the Downtown Barnes & Noble, and they said I could send an author event recommendation to Susan at CRM2040@bn.com.
    Not sure how effective this will be, since they “usually work with the publisher” but maybe worth a try to get the ball rolling.

  17. Yael Tiferet says:

    I just want to thank you so much. These two books mean a lot to me, they really do–and not just because I’m an overly medicated, underemployed former Traveller player.

  18. Chad Hull says:

    Can there be free alcohol in Atlanta? I’ll come up with some great questions for you under those circumstances.

  19. Simon says:

    This may be a too soon type of question. But I just finished binging on the book. I loved it by the way! With a capital L. My question is, do you have another one p
    Annex? Another magicians book?

  20. Simon says:

    This may be a too soon type of question. But I just finished binging on the book. I loved it by the way! With a capital L. My question is, do you have another one in you? Another magicians book?

  21. Jhoselyn says:

    So it sounds like this one isn’t worth bhrietong with? That was kind of my assumption after reading the Magicians. Also, I finally read Coraline (which was amazing, of course) so now you can talk to me again.

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