Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Things That Are Keeping Me Sane on This Tour

Hark! A Vagrant
— The “Guardians of Sunshine” episode of Adventure Time. Also: all other episodes of Adventure Time, which I didn’t know existed until my friend Zack told me about it a couple of days ago

— Room service
— Twitter (note: Twitter is also driving me insane. Call it a wash.)
“Raw Sugar” by Metric
“The Calamity Song,” by The Decemberists
— Working out. Listen, I know, “working out” isn’t a very “me” thing. And it is appallingly painful. I don’t actually “enjoy” it. But Neil does it! And an engineer friend once told me, look, your brain runs off the rest of your body, and if you don’t exercise you’re just hosing your brain. That stayed with me. I know what a hosed brain looks like. My dad has Alzheimer’s. I ain’t going out like that. Well realistically there’s a fair chance that I am. But I’m going to put it off as long as possible.
Scrabble for the iPhone
Grim Jogger, ditto
— Drinking
— Not drinking. Have you heard generic zithromax for chlamydia about this? I’m trying to skip drinking one night in three. Well, four. OK let’s go one in five. I’ll get back to you.
— Q&A. When I do an event it happens in three parts. I talk. Then I read. Then you guys ask me questions. You would think this would get old, especially since I’m doing three or four interviews a day anyway on top of it, but it never does. It’s the best part. Like, by far.
— P.G. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves! etc. 1930’s-era comic novels about an aristocrat who is always wrong and his butler who is always right. The BBC made it into a TV show starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, and they nailed a lot of what was good about it, but you really can’t beat the novels, which are in their own way weirdly profound tributes to human indomitability. And drinking, he’s very good on drinking.
— Wellbutrin

Portland tonight, Seattle tomorrow. Come by!

7 comments on “Things That Are Keeping Me Sane on This Tour

  1. Dan says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad. Longer ago than I care to dwell on (academic year 1991-1992) I took a course with him. I was chock full o’ stupidity then and that was the one course that year engaged me.

    Hope that didn’t come off as too weird, and that your dad is doing as well as can be.

    And Wodehouse is always good for you.

  2. Jaimie says:

    Twitter is a wash. That’s why I got off it. They tell you to schmooze with other people for when your book is done, but it prevents me from writing the book more than half the time.

  3. Marc says:

    Looking forward to you hitting NC, hopefully you won’t be entirely frayed by then. Let me know if you need good drinking location suggestions in CH. Assuming it falls on the right day(s) of the week, of course.

  4. M says:

    official band for the Gimme Welters tour!
    and the one that wasn’t named (The Magicians) tour!

  5. Chad Hull says:

    The ”
    –not drinking”

    bit made me laugh. Looking forward to meeting you Monday somewhere in Atlanta.

  6. K.M. Walton says:

    Alzheimer’s is terribly cruel. I am sorry to learn that your father has it.

  7. David Olsen says:

    I hate to get pedantic here (that’s a lie, I actually quite enjoy it), but technically Jeeves is Wooster’s valet, not his butler 🙂

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