Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Gah — I Didn’t Blog for a Month

Sorry about that. I hate that I didn’t blog for a month. This blog is really important to me, but various not-very-exciting things have been happening that resulted in my ignoring it for a month.

For example: I toured Canada for about three weeks. I went to Texas twice. I wrote a bunch of things for Time — the night Steve Jobs died I co-write an entire cover story in four hours — and I’ve been editing Time’s annual Best Inventions issue, which is interesting, and also beloved by advertisers. All good things, but also really time-consuming.

Also my wife’s been working on a novel which is so good that it will render all of my work as dross. I’ve been helping her with that (as she helped me, a lot, with both the Magicians books).

Speaking of which, I’ve also been working on the sequel to The Magician King. Also an as-yet-untitled, unrevealed non-Magicians project that I will try to write concurrently with that sequel, but it may have to wait till after that’s done.

And I’ve taken up writing a weekly books column for Time‘s entertainment blog. I just don’t have space in Time to cover all the books I read, so I’ll take care of the overflow there.

Also it took me like a million tries to beat stage D8 (“Dark Pool”) of TowerDefense. (Two words: splash damage.)

Now the immediate future. I’ll be in Miami on Nov. 19-20 for the Miami Book Fair, where I’ll be doing what should be a really excellent panel with Mat Johnson and Colson Whitehead. Right before that, on November 17 in New York City, I’ll do a reading as part of a PEN American event. Shortly after that, on December 6, I’m co-hosting the annual Housing Works Gin Mingle with Gabrielle Hamilton (whose restaurant Prune has the best bone marrow in New York, if that matters), Téa Obreht, Touré and — wait for it — Colson Whitehead again.

There. That was the blog post that took care of all the boring stuff that I would have said in a month of blog posts. The next blog post, coming soon, will actually be interesting. No — it will be riveting.

11 comments on “Gah — I Didn’t Blog for a Month

  1. Jaimie says:

    I know, you went to Texas twice and I never got you to sign my booooook.

    Ah well. It’s probably for the best. I would have freaked out like Troy Barnes meeting Levar Burton and I can’t disappoint a picture.

  2. Josh says:

    Towet Defense, eh? Tower Defense.

  3. dennitzio says:

    I’ve already got a bucket of rivets heating up in the kiln (or whatever they call the thing they heat rivets up in). See, I’ve got a new steel I-beam Erector set and you’re just the man to stick it together. You know, with rivets. Oh never mind. Just because I don’t wear a tiara doesn’t mean I can’t mangle a metaphor.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hurray! Another Magicians sequel! Bring on the goodness, I love your work. I started reading the book in the car to my boyfriend this weekend for a long drive, and reading it out loud and experiencing every sentence is really a joy. Love your style, sense of humor, and the way you craft your characters.

  5. Benjamin Jungblut says:

    Thank goodness there will be a third Magicians book. The end of the second one, like the first, was soooo great, yet soooo depressing hahaha. The first book was given to me by a teacher at my college and I’ve been hooked on your writing ever since, in fact I just ordered Codex and its on the way in the mail!! I had the displeasure of wandering through Amazon hoping for a glimpse of a 3rd book when I saw reviews for The Magicians, and I thought to myself, my oh my wouldn’t those be fun to read, see how people reacted you know? Mostly five star reviews congrats! I already thought your book was great so I decided to see why some people (very few) gave your book 1 star. My god, I couldn’t read more than two of them, they were so short sighted and from what I saw most of them hadn’t even read the whole book through. I’ve actually gotten myself into a bit of a debate on one of the reviews because I posted an angry comment on one of them. Sorry to take up so much space on here but it’s good to hear from you 😀

  6. Leverus says:

    I’ve looked at those reviews. They can be discouraging, but you get your feedback where you can. And you know, if you try to write a book that’ll please everybody you’ll just end up with something bland. (Or super-awesome, I guess. Maybe I’ll try that next time.)

  7. K. M. Walton says:

    My boys were obsessed with Tower Defense for a while. But that was pre iPad and their new fav, The Imposible Game. It takes such concentration to play games like that, such mental acuity. I always just get frustrated and pissed off.

  8. Anita says:

    I’m just going to get to the point which is I am SO glad you’re coming out with a sequel to The Magician King. I just finished the book and I loved it. I’ll probably need to google some of the terms and words in the book (It’s kind of sad that the old way of looking things up in a dictionary has faded away), but it was an awesome story. I didn’t like the ending though…but now that I know there’s a sequel, I don’t mind it.

  9. Just read some your book blog. If you’re looking for more Stephen King to read, it can be tricky. He can be awful (“Tommyknockers”, “Christine” “Lisey’s Story”) as well as exceptionally good. Probably the best of them all is a little first person tale called “Delores Claiborne”. For horror, it’s “Pet Sematary”.

    But the best one of all is “It”;
    “The Stand” “The Dead Zone” and “Under the Dome” are also worth reading.

  10. I’m more interested in how this Steve Jobs story went down. I thought most major news outlets had pre-written obits ready for the Inevitable (indeed, I would expect a unit like Time to have a file cabinet full of such articles). Cover story for Time is, what, 4,000 words? And you crammed that out in an evening? Da-amn son. I’ve written a few dozen national magazine articles (nothing even remotely like the profile of Time), and I have a real appreciation for how intense that must have been. Kudos to you and the collaborator.

  11. Leverus says:

    Oh yeah, listen, I didn’t go into it in the post b/c it seemed boring, but there was an obit on file for Jobs — Harry McCracken wrote it. That’s what I meant when I said I co-wrote the story — it was a long way from starting from scratch. I gave his piece an edit and a polish, whacked on an opening section and a closing section, and we went to press.

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