Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I’m Still Here

I’ve been on leave from Time for a few weeks, hunkering down with the new book, or as far down as it has been possible for me to get. There are a couple of secret projects that keep cropping up and getting in the way of the hunkering.

And also there’s life. And children. And dentists. They get in the way a lot too. Plus I just got back from SXSW.

[Amy Billingham wrought this awesome graphic to accompany Julia in her progress through Suvudu’s Cage Match bracket.]

This won’t be a long post, as I’m not in a terrifically bloggy place just now. I’m writing, but worse than that I’m plotting, which personally I find to be the most brutal, rock-breaking part of this process.

People don’t talk about plotting that much, they mostly talk about writing, and don’t get me wrong, buy zithromax uk writing scares me. Pretty much everything scares me. But plotting, that is the serious shit. When you’re in the novel business, you’re not just in the business of saying things with words: you’re extruding the stuff of your unconscious in the form of a series of dramatic events, and that is just a weird thing to be doing. No maps for these territories.

Afterwards, when it’s done, you look at the book and you think, dude: of course, how could I not have seen that, what else did I think was going to happen? (I also think that about everybody else’s books, because of course it’s only mine that are difficult.) But for some reason you have to do it wrong in every possible way before it finally comes out right.

4 comments on “I’m Still Here

  1. Jaimie says:

    “But for some reason you have to do it wrong in every possible way before it finally comes out right.”

    Lev, I want to cry because I’m so frustrated right now and it’s so encouraging to hear a writer I aspire to say this about their process. ME TOO. WHY IS THAT. HOW MANY REWRITES CAN ONE DO BEFORE ONE GOES INSANE.

    This just hit me right at the moment when I want to kill myself (not really) because I don’t know what else to try. But it’s out there. And it’ll come to me. The waiting bites.

  2. M says:

    yeah im plotting too…
    it blows but i’ve plotted this book like..seven times already and it’s generally the same plot with different names of crackheads thrown in

  3. Julia says:

    I just had to write, saying that I LOVED the Team Julia picture, seeing as my name is Julia!

    I love your books and I hope that the writing is going well on the third book.

    Even though plotting and writing seem like the same thing, they sometimes seem that they are on different planets. I have no problem opening up my computer and writing, then ideas come into my head, but I have a real problem actually plotting. I go to plot out what my characters will be doing, and they are absolutely silent. As soon as I open up the word document, they all start talking to me at once! I keep thinking, I’m going to have to solve this, especially since I hope to be published someday.

    Either way, thanks for the picture! It made my day!

    -(Hope to be a Magician someday) Julia

  4. JustinD says:

    So glad to hear that you’re working on the third book. However, I’m sorry to hear of the tedium you’re enduring. Your books are nothing short of amazing and I absolutely can’t wait for your next release – I hope the rest of your leave is productive and that you emerge at a reasonably sane state of mind to Time!

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