Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The Magician King Is Out Today…

…in paperback.

Yes: celebrating a paperback release is sort of like celebrating your half-birthday, but still. There are no bad excuses to drink in a bookstore. None.

Two good reasons to pick up a copy now, if you haven’t. One, it helps me if I sell copies early, because then bookstores re-order, and the publisher prints more, and the engines keep running … it shouldn’t work like that but seriously it does.

Two, there’s some kind of issue with the blue foil on the cover. Future printings won’t have it. So it’s collectible!

Whether or not you buy a copy, if you’re in New York City (and I realize most of you aren’t) stop by WORD Bookstore tonight at 7. We’re having a party. I’m especially looking forward to this event, because while there’ll be some buy azithromycin europe onstage stuff — Ryan Britt and I are going to have a conversation — mostly it’s just hanging out and talking and drinking. It’s a small space. We’re going to get into it.

Last thing: the Magician King Song Contest has pretty much wrapped up. There was a flurry of really A-list entries yesterday — you might bounce over to the YouTube page and have a listen. The skill and diversity on offer is just astounding. There’s twee-pop, there’s a cappella, there’s screampunk, there’s Minecraft — that’s a musical genre now — there’s synth-metal, there’s a musical instrument I can’t identify, there’s a guy with a horse’s head … it’s pretty awesome.

There’s a whole alternate-lyrics version with a line about fucking elves that’s worth the price of admission all by itself.

11 comments on “The Magician King Is Out Today…

  1. Heather Head says:

    The fucking elves one is hands-down my favorite. Except the one my kids made OF COURSE. And maybe a few others that I also love. But I love the fucking elves one. Who wouldn’t love fucking elves? Did I just say that out loud?

    Seriously AWESOME entries. Seriously. Also, Lev Grossman just mentioned us in a blog post everyone! Party! (I think that last bit was intended for Facebook, but I got a little overexcited. Sorry.)

  2. Nicole says:

    Agreed. Also it’s so cool that Minecraft is an instrument now.

  3. Sarah says:

    I just realized you’re going to be in MA in a week! I am definitely gonna try to stop by and get a copy. I’m pretty excited, I won’t lie!

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  5. Jaimie says:

    About 3/4 through your AMA. This is my favorite thing:

    “When I wrote The Magicians it felt like I’d been hammering at a wall for years with no effect at all. It felt like I was wasting my time, the wall would never crumble. What I didn’t realize was that I was almost all the way through and the wall was about to fall. I was so close, I was almost there, but I had no idea. Maybe you’re that close too.”

    I’ve been writing my book for 2 years now and I feel exactly the same: hammering at a wall. It’s only in the last month that I’ve begun to feel that maybe maybe I’m breaking through. God it’s miserable though. People finish books in 6 months all the time.

    At the very least I’ve gotten to the point where I can see that I’ve learned something with these 2 years and I can verbalize what that is in one sentence, which is not a negligible thing as far as learning goes: I’ve learned how to write a female character as realistically as a male one. That’s something I’ll always have.

    Thanks for doing the AMA. 🙂

  6. trevor jp says:

    Dear Lev,
    I don’t know how to put into words your greatness. I hope this suffices:



    p.s. Let Q have some resolve with A in Book 3, will ya? :]

  7. Jäsper says:

    Is that picture the missprint or the regular?

  8. Leverus says:

    That’s the misprint. The regular will be less … blue.

  9. Leverus says:

    @trevor HAHAHAHA I just saw that. p.s. roger that

  10. “The Magician King Is Out Today

  11. computing says:


    […]The Magician King Is Out Today… « Lev Grossman[…]…

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