Monday, February 18th, 2013


I’m currently on leave from Time to work on The Magician’s Land. (I talked a little bit about what’s going on with that here, and I’m gradually working my way around to talking about it here.)

So that’s going well. But it bothers me that I haven’t been blogging. I love blogging. When I’m doing heavy novelizing I tend to blow it off, but in my more lucid moments I realize it’s an important part of what I do as an author.

And plus it’s fun. Though it makes me feel old that I don’t have a tumblr. Whatever the hell that is.

So I’m kicking off this week’s work (and my first day out of bed after four days of a brutal cold) with this minor but nevertheless real and actual blog post. The point of which — besides to congratulate buy zithromax 1000 mg online myself for writing it — is to show off this letter ‘o.’

A few weeks ago I got wind of a charity auction to benefit the Book Industry Charitable Foundation: they were selling off the letters from the sign outside the original flagship Borders store in Ann Arbor. It was a good cause, and plus I have sentimental feelings about Borders: they backed The Magicians to the hilt, to the point where they even flew me up to Ann Arbor and took me to dinner. They have a lot to do with its success.

And I have sentimental feelings about bookstores. And signage. So I looked at the bidding, chose the cheapest letter, and put down my money.

Now look:

It makes me want to reconstruct the cover of one of my favorite books from childhood:

16 comments on “O RLY

  1. Sam M-B says:

    OK. That is pretty awesome. (Not the demise of Borders part. Everything else, though. Except the whole “Darn it, I renewed my TIME subscription after thinking you were “back” when the Attack of the Drones article got the cover.” part.)

    Maybe you could get a “W” for your re-creation from a “Waldenbooks” storage locker somewhere.

  2. So why is “O” the cheapest letter?

  3. James Goodfriend says:

    Because if you put a slash through it, it’s worth zero!

  4. Little My says:

    A blog, tra la!

    That O would make a very nice frame for a mirror. Or a frame for anything. But then maybe it would not be an O any more.

  5. M says:

    great story and a great piece of history!

  6. Jaimie says:

    Tumblr is the thing that people can’t comment on. Yay, you blogged!

  7. fluky says:

    Lev, we miss your blogging, too! It’s nice to see you back.

  8. K. M. Walton says:

    I can so relate with regards to the neglected blog (and not knowing what the hell tumblr is). I bought The Magicians in a Borders – the huge display caught my eye ; )

    It seems our paths won’t cross again at the NYC Teen Author Festival – my panel isn’t until Friday. Darnit.

  9. Heather Head says:

    I’m pretty sure tumblr is where you put all your potato peelings and egg shells and 30 days later take out dirt you can turn into fresh veggies again. Probably more trouble than it’s worth.

    Glad to see you posting again. Also glad to see you got the “O.” O is such a wonderful letter. All the world of possibility in an O.

  10. Lev,

    Thanks for your support. We were thrilled that so many of the letters went to book people. The auction raised over $4000 to support the programs offered to assist bookstore employees. We are very happy that the “O” found a good home and thanks for sharing your story.

    The Binc Foundation

  11. Thomas Bulger says:

    I truly understand the importance of buying the letter. I was dismayed when the Borders stores started closing. I am a huge fan of Bookstores in generally( will admit I do enjoy my Kindle), But there is something about holding a book, the smell, slighty bent pages… a glass pane, with an etching< perhaps of a tree, would look amazing placed inside the "O". I am a very big Fan, and have enjoyed escaping into the magician series. Looking forward to the third book. Never stop dreaming, and writing, A writer opens worlds to people who never knew such imagination and creativity existed. thank you for allowing us to becoma a part of your world.

  12. Nephele Tempest says:

    That’s a lovely O, with a lovely story to go with it.

    Also, I find it interesting that the cover of the Thurber novel above bears a striking similarity in coloring and the contours of its layout to the cover for The Magicians.

  13. Griffhe says:

    I used to work for Borders; was with them for over two years and stayed until the end 🙁 they were actually the reason I tried the Magicians and fell in love with the series. Nice to know you were a supporter of the store and that Borders was so instrumental in bringing such a great book into the hands of readers!

  14. I have a friend with middle name “Otto” who has a small art gallery called “Gallery O” — and thus a collections of letter O’s. None of them are as cool (nor as large) as your Borders O.

  15. mdhershman says:

    Hey Lev. I somehow just saw this post. I worked at Borders on the Fiction team, fell in love with The Magician’s immediately and was thrilled to interview you about the book at BEA some years ago. I can’t tell you how meaningful it was to read this blog entry and know that we made a difference for you and for readers. With appreciation, Micha.

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