Sunday, August 10th, 2014

The Magician’s Land Has Landed

I published a book! On Tuesday. I haven’t had time to blog since then.

We had a fantastic launch event in Brooklyn, in which I talked a lot and we drank wine and there was an epic Magicians trivia showdown. The winner won one of these.

Also some of my author friends acted out a scene from the books. Erin Morgenstern played Quentin. [>drops mic<] If you live in: Minneapolis, Houston, LA, San Francisco, Chapel Hill, or Atlanta, check the Events Page, because I’m coming to your city in the next couple of weeks.

Publishing a book is by definition something only writers experience, but even writers, or anyway this writer, lack the words to express what it’s really like. You feel proud, and vulnerable, and exhilarated, and satisfied, and ecstatic, and a tiny bit sad that this thing you made is now going out into the world, where its fortunes, like the fortunes of everything and everybody everywhere, are beyond your control. But it’s amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

It’s been made easier this time by the fact that the reviews have been good. In fact they’re the best reviews I’ve ever gotten—I think now that people have seen the full arc of the trilogy, it’s easier to get the point of it all. The New York Times, buy azithromycin 500mg uk Boston Globe, Washington Post, LA Times, New York Times (again!), Miami Herald … I don’t actually read the reviews, you understand, but people tell me they’re good and send me tiny snippets of them, which is all I really want to see. Here’s a good snippet from the New York Times:

If the Narnia books were like catnip for a certain kind of kid, these books are like crack for a certain kind of adult. By the end, after some truly wondrous scenes that have to do with the dawn (and the end) of existence, ricocheting back and forth between the extraordinary and the quotidian, you feel that breathless, stay-up-all-night, thrumming excitement that you, too, experienced as a child, and that you felt all over again when you first opened up “The Magicians” and fell headlong into Mr. Grossman’s world.

I’ve given a lot of interviews too, including this one about my influences (which I especially like), and this one about how great C.S. Lewis is (worth a click for the beautiful illustration), and this one on NPR, which I gave from Comic-Con. And this is my account of hitting rock bottom in my first attempts to write a novel.

Must run. More nice things to come, including a small-but-interesting announcement.

9 comments on “The Magician’s Land Has Landed

  1. Jaimie says:

    Oh, that anecdote about your mother and CS Lewis is wonderful!

    I learned a lot from watching him work, and I learned a lot from his willingness to kill characters.


  2. Greg says:

    You mentioned Atlanta as a place you’d visit for an event, but I can’t find it on the events page.

  3. Matthew says:

    Any news on UK Kindle availability?

  4. Michael Keller says:

    I see another book here, The Magicians Child. Perhaps you could go into more detail about what those damn blue whales are up to. I have the recurring image of a child with oddly blue eyes like it’s mother and a complete working understanding of magic.

  5. Leverus says:

    UK Kindle: no news. Creative differences w/ my UK publisher. It’s a problem.

    re: Atlanta, you’re right, it’s not on there. Sorry about that. I’ll be at the Decatur Festival at the end of the month, and Dragoncon that same weekend.

  6. Amy L says:

    Has no bookstore in Chicago snagged you for an appearance or reading? Or have I missed something?

  7. ThomasFleet says:

    I just finished The Magician’s Land a few days ago. Thank you for this trilogy. It was basically concentrated pleasure.

  8. Yurei says:

    I’m freaking exited. Any news on when is it going to be available in spanish? Particularly in Mexico city?
    You know, I’m 24 and such a proud potterhead since I was 9. So many things happened when the book series and the movies were over. My life became just a mess and I was in a complete “now what?” phase of my life. Then one day I found, just by a happy accident, “The magicians” book in my favorite bookstore (by the way, it was already translated into spanish) and just like that, one phrase got all my attention: “The Magicians is to Harry Potter as a shot of Irish whiskey is to a glass of weak tea”
    I had to buy it.
    Best decision ever made!
    Inmediately i felt just what the characters felt cuz somehow I had been there too.I felt so like Julia that I even asked myself more than once “did he just read my mind or it was just his own imagination?” It was freaking magic. When The Magicians Land arrived I was all into the magicians saga and also I had recomended the book to anyone I’ve ever met. Including the Harry Potter fanclub I usually attend to. So my books now are almost reduced to shreds now. We are currently about 16 o 17 magicians fans here too.
    We were very excited to hear the news and some of us are willing to buy the book (some can understand english, some can’t) that’s why I have the cuestion.
    I also thank you for writing these amazing books. Hope you can read this long story the comment became. Sorry for that.
    Hope you keep selling more and more books.
    Love from Mexico City.


  9. Dan O'Neill says:

    So like, what do I do now that I’ve finished The Magicians Land?

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