Friday, October 24th, 2014

The Annotated Magicians

This is an experiment. There’s a site called genius.com that hosts annotate-able excerpts from things. (My main association with this site is a shuddering awe at how much that domain must have cost, but it does have other good qualities.) One of those things is this passage from The Magicians. (Two others of them are passages from The Magician King and The Magician’s Land.)

I did a little starter annotation of it back in July, then sort of forgot about it. Then the other day I ran into a guy from Genius who reminded me that this thing is supposed to be embeddable. So I’ve embedded it below, in case it’s of interest.

7 comments on “The Annotated Magicians

  1. Perry Metzger says:

    I wish I had a completely annotated copy of the entire trilogy. The three annotated excerpts are that much fun. πŸ™‚

  2. Jaimie says:

    This was great. It reminded me of the adventurous feeling of reading the book for the first time. “What’s going to happen now?” replaced by “What’s he going to say about this?”

    And hey! This blog stalker finally made an official Magicians convert. My sister doesn’t count. I have tried man, for so long I have tried. But people don’t read anymore. Or they’re only into fluff fantasy. I also blame the Magicians coming out after I was in college. College is easier for making converts. BUT a convert has been made, and he went and bought the second book, and he likes Josh. Yes, Josh. And he is a Josh so I have proof that he liked the book and understood the characters. Of course he would like Josh. *DOS Windows startup sound*

  3. steph says:

    Woohoo! This is fun reading. Lev, if you read comments—-> I hope you get bored enough to annotate all 3 books. Truly. I’m reading The Magician’s Land right now…is it just me or have you gotten sassier?? Someone’s been spending an awful lot of time online πŸ˜‰

  4. Heather Head says:

    Whoa!! This is super cool. What fun–thanks for sharing!

  5. Eulalios says:

    On the one hand, an author annotating his own work is kinda a one handed exercise, and to do so in public is at the least obnoxious.

    Which is something I just learned by reading your annotations, and I don’t get it, because I usually LOVE footnoted fiction. But maybe it’s like the point made about art in The Prestige, that the craft is better unexplained, unspoilered?

    In the other hand, just reading the sample of Magicians’ Land, and, w o o w w. You have NAILED it once again. I guess I will just avoid your notes on how you swung the hammer, and put down the money to read the full result. πŸ™‚

  6. Andrew says:

    As a filmmaker and a big fan of your work, I’m delighted someone has come up with a way to add a “commentary track” to your book!

    Great fun.

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