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Friday, August 6th, 2010

The Decatur Book Festival; DragonCon; Bloggingheads.tv

— I’ll be making an appearance at the Decatur Book Festival on Sunday, September 5. I’d figured I’d be part of a panel, or some such, but right now it looks like I’m on stage alone. On the First Baptist Decatur Sanctuary Stage to be exact. Not sure what I’ll be saying/doing there yet, but the mind absolutely teems with possibilities.

— On that same weekend, in that same greater metropolitan area (Atlanta), I’ll be appearing at DragonCon. This is not something you could learn from the DragonCon website, from which my name is absent, but I assure you that it is a formally sanctioned appearance. I am not “bum rushing the show,” as the kids said in about 1845, generic zithromax walgreens when I apparently learned English.

— Yesterday I fulfilled a personal ambition by appearing on Bloggingheads.tv. I always liked this thing and wanted to do it:

I’m talking to Reihan Salam, a really cool guy who is way smarter than me. Reihan is a conservative policy wonk, and I’m a squashy liberal humanities nerd, so you wouldn’t think we’d have that much to talk about. But the weird thing is we’re interested in exactly the same things, we just come at them from opposite angles. So if you want to watch me shoot my mouth off for an hour — literally an hour — about things I don’t know enough about, I can make that happen for you.