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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012


I get a lot of mail from readers. I read as much of it as I can, and I answer as much as I can, but I never get to it all. Neal Stephenson is eloquent on the subject of why he can’t answer mail. I have the same problem. Except not as eloquently.

There ought to be something like a square-cube law of writing, whereby after an author writes a certain amount of words, the amount of mail those words generates makes writing more words impossible … well, maybe there oughtn’t.

At any rate, in lieu of dealing with my mail the way I’d like to, I’ll answer some FAQ’s here. If you click through there’s a treat at the end, courtesy of Christopher Shy.

Will there be another Magicians book?

Yes. Working title: The Magician’s Land.


The Magician King came out exactly two years after The Magicians. I’m hoping to stick to that pace. I have a very detailed outline of the new book, and I’ve written the first few chapters.

Will Alice come back?

I could tell you, but it’s really better if I don’t.

Will that be the last book? Is this a trilogy?


Will you come speak/read/sign at my convention/conference/school/cosmogenesis/etc.?

Maybe! If I can. I like making public appearances when I can fit them in. Give me details. I have a lot of events scheduled this year already, none of which appear on the Events page of this site yet, because my fingers are weak and tired.

How did you get published in the first place?

Really slowly.