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Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Where to See Me in the Next Couple of Weeks

Like a small pink comet lightly brushing the Earth’s orbit, I will be more than usually visible in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a quick viewing guide:

the resemblance is startling

May 23, 7pm: Lust for Genre at Singularity & Co. Come to this: I and some other writer-nerds will read/talk about a piece of speculative fiction that was massively important to us for overly personal reasons that we will share. Or at least that’s what I’ll be doing.

May 28, 3:45 pm: A panel on fiction run by Library Journal, in conjunction (I think) with BookExpo America the big publishing trade show. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say who the other writers on the bill are, but … they’re really good ones. Click through for details (caveat: I think it costs $$$).

May 30: More BEA stuff — you can’t get in if you’re not a publishing person who paid a lot of money, in which case you probably already know about it anyway. But just in case: I’m signing at the Penguin Booth at 10:30 AM, and will be popping up other places too.

May 31: This is what they call BookCon, which is the part of BEA that everybody can go to. In the morning at 11AM I’ll be playing literary trivia games here. If it’s possible to lose I will lose, because I suck at those. Then at 1 pm I’ll be hanging out at the Penguin Truck signing and selling books. Who knew there was a truck?

Then — then — at 2pm I’ll be sitting down for a talk with Deborah Harkness. This will be fun. Come.

June 5: I may have mentioned that I have a piece in When I First Held You, which is an anthology of writers writing about fatherhood. It’s raw and honest and probably not of much interest to non-fathers, but if you are a dad, I would consider it to be of great interest indeed. I’ll be talking about dad-hood at Community Bookstore in Brooklyn at 7:30 PM alongside fellow dads Ben Greenman, Rick Moody, Brian Gresko (who edited the book) and Darin Strauss.

June 6: Same anthology, different night, different bookstore. I’ll be at Powerhouse Books with Ben Greenman and Brian Gresko. I’ll talk about being a father. It will get real.