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Friday, May 25th, 2012


Usually I prefer to wait to blog till I actually have, you know, something to say, rather than just moving pre-existing facts around. But I’ve had so many deadlines this week I barely had enough thoughts to fill the stuff I got paid to write. All that’s left over is a thin, viscous residue. But I present it to you here.

First, I’m embedding below the playlist of submissions so far to the Magician King Song Contest. There’s some astounding performances in here, truly astounding. I’ll feel so bad when they totally lose to my awesome cellistical stylings.

But there’s still the long weekend to enter! You’re good up through midnight, May 28. Details here.

By saying “first,” I feel as though I’ve locked myself into a numbered list format, so: second, generic zithromax 500mg after reading this article in the New Yorker about literary fiction and genre fiction, I felt compelled to write up my thoughts on the same subject. The post went a little viral.

Third — OK, after this I’m done with the numbers — next Tuesday, the 29th, there’s a party for the paperback release of The Magician King. Come. You’re all invited. I’m going to have an on-stage chat with Ryan Britt, maybe answer a few questions and sign a few books. Then every one will be given drinks and we’ll all hang out.

Finally: I’m doing an AMA on Fantasy Reddit on the night of Wednesday, May 30. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Afterwards, to relax, I will have myself torn to pieces by wild dogs.