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Thursday, May 10th, 2012

That Song Contest I Posted about Before

Entries for the Magician King Song Contest have surged since that last post, from zero to I believe two at this point. So that’s a factor of — I don’t even know what that is. They don’t even have math for that. That’s like an irrational number or something.

But you know what’s not an irrational number? 250. Dollars. The fruit is hanging very low here. Do you play something? Anything? Are you in a band? An a cappella group? An orchestra? Do you know someone who is? Do you have a sousaphone? I think you might have one. Seriously. Just check again. I’m pretty sure I saw it.

Do me a favor and spread the info around. Think of it like Kickstarter, only I pay you. Don’t make me produce a humorous video to promote this contest, people. Don’t force my hand. I will do it.

Some other news:

— I’m at the Sweet! Actors Reading Writers series tonight. An actress named Soneela Nankani will perform a Julia passage from The Magician King. Should be cool.

— I put up a long essay over at Time.com about being a book reviewer, and how it’s changed since Orwell’s day

— Somewhere, frozen in the carbonite of Time’s paywall, are my profiles of Joss Whedon and Alison Bechdel, which ran a couple of weeks ago.

And I’ve been roughing out dates for a summer tour. New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, San Francisco (and environs), Milwaukee … you can see the events as they go up here.