Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


A really good thing has happened. Remember a few days ago when I mentioned that I’d met a guy in Portland who was wearing a gorgeous home-brewed Brakebills t-shirt? That the guy next to him had made?

I heard from him — the guy who made it — and he agreed to put some up for sale. They’re here.

I’d never met this guy before. He is not a shirt-maker by profession (though he does have another shirt,which is also cool). God knows I have no financial investment in the sale of this shirt.

It’s just that when I saw it I thought, zithromax online fast delivery yeah, that’s what a Brakebills t-shirt looks like.

I’m not sure how long of a run this shirt is going to have, so don’t wait to grab one. I’m not going to. Plus they’re an automatic +8 to your nerd cred.

[p.s. the guy who does this has the enviably fake-sounding name of Zach Archer. He appears to be a developer of diverse interests, all of them really cool. Go to his site. You will lose an hour minimum to Space Kitty alone. To the Space Kitty theme song alone.]


  1. Karen Attaway says:

    Cool! I just ordered 2 of them. You cracked me up with the “I have lost my merch-inity” tag. #hehehe #stillgiggling

  2. Church says:

    Needs to be a polo. Prolly a sweater as well. Definitely a scarf to boot.

  3. dennitzio says:

    You’d better get in on the game, dude… Big money in merch, but more seriously you want to control it. Next thing you know it’s a white sticker of Quentin pissing on a Chevy logo stuck on the back of some ass’s Ford.

  4. Church says:

    “Next thing you know it’s a white sticker of Quentin pissing on a Chevy logo stuck on the back of some ass’s Ford.”

    I’d totally buy that. And stick it on my Toyota.

  5. amybillingham says:

    I think Quentin should be pissing on a Nimbus 2000.

    And I agree Lev should get something out of any merch deal. I mean, at least a free shirt. ; )

  6. Zimriel says:

    I’m late on this thread, but I don’t want to buy a bootleg Brakebills shirt. It’s fair that this guy gets some of the revenue as illustrator; but Mr Grossman (he’s a father now, he gets to be called “Mr”) needs to wet his beak too.

    (Especially if this book becomes The Reform-Jewish Narnia)

  7. Zimriel says:

    lulz @ peeing on a Nimbus. Unfortunately “The Magicians”‘ cover didn’t show us the iconic portrait of Quentin which “The Philosopher’s Stone”‘s did of Harry.

  8. Leverus says:

    I’m as wildly greedy as the next guy, but seriously this shirt is fully authorized. It was my idea for Zach to sell them. They just make me happy.

  9. I love the t-shirt, but what I’d really like is a patch. I want to make myself a blazer/cosplay uniform, and I need a patch! 😉

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