Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Housekeeping Issues

I’m in Scottsdale, AZ for a reading tonight at Changing Hands bookstore. Come if you can. I don’t know anybody here, so I’m hoping the fans will turn out!

The only other time I’ve ever been in Arizona was to meet Stephenie Meyer. This was when the Twilight thing was already mental, but had not yet gone completely bugfuck.

She lives in a town called Cave Creek, outside Phoenix, in a modern-looking house with a giant TV in it that was surrounded by saguaro cacti. I liked her. She was obviously smart, but otherwise almost aggressively normal and down-to-earth. The strangest thing about her was that she’s never seen an R-rated movie. I didn’t even have a marital online pharmacy for zithromax crisis while I was talking to her.

I’m going to post my dates for the rest of the tour, just so they’re out there:


Changing Hands
6428 S. McClintock Drive
Tempe, AZ 85283
7:00 pm

FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

Book People
603 North Lamar Boulevard
Austin, TX
7:00 pm


Writers with Drinks
The Make-Out Room
3225 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
7:00 pm

MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2010

Elliott Bay
1521 10th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122
7:00 pm

TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2010

1005 West Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97209
7:30 pm


Barnes & Noble
2100 North Snelling Ave.
Roseville, MN 55113
7:00 pm

Final item: it’s not officially announced yet, but The Magicians has made it onto the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list. There is much rejoicing in Magiciansville tonight.

5 comments on “Housekeeping Issues

  1. Melissa says:

    Congratulations on the (unofficial) bestseller list!

  2. Rita says:

    Book People should be a fun reading. That was my favorite book store when we lived in Austin.

    Yay on the bestseller (not yet) announcement.

  3. Philly says:

    Great news on ‘The Magicians’ and the list!

    I am re-reading it, and loving it all over again. Also, I have recommended the book to anyone who asks me (I have the rep of a voracious reader) what’s a good book. Even if they don’t ask, I just tell ’em. It’s fun to share.

  4. tara says:

    Wow, if Stephenie Meyer has never seen an R-Rated movie, I feel compelled to ask, would she see the movie of her own book, Breaking Dawn, if it was made??


  5. Kylie M says:

    Come back to Phoenix, AZ! PLEASE! Dying to hear your work and any work in progress!

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