Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

What Is the Deal With Your Personal Life Lev Grossman If You Even Have One

I’m back in New York City for like 10 seconds — long enough to do a reading at the Borders in Columbus Circle tonight. (See how I worked that in.)

While I’m traveling I’m basically an isolated, sentient point hanging unsupported in space. But now that I’m actually home it occurs to me that practically nobody reading this blog has any idea who the hell I am other than that I’m the guy who wrote the Harry Potter book that has sex in it.

(I’m still waiting for a newspaper to use the headline “Dirty Harry” for a review. Come on guys. it’s just sitting there.)

I don’t blog about my personal life that much, because it’s inherently creepy and anyway who cares. But! If you’re curious, here’s my character sheet.

I live in Brooklyn. I bought a too-big, too-old brownstone there last year. The neighborhood is called Clinton Hill, which nobody knows where that is, but just start in Fort Greene and walk towards the sound of small arms fire and you’ll get there.

I am 40. So I remember the world buy zithromax 2000mg before Harry Potter and the Internet. But I don’t remember when the Beatles were together. But I did have a bad haircut in the 80s.

I’m a dad. My daughter, Lily, is 6. The two words she would use to describe herself are ‘cute’ and ‘fierce.’ She looks like this:

That’s her with the wings. I don’t know who the hell that guy is. Watch the hands, buddy.

Tramadol is an analgesic that belongs to the group of opioids. As tramadolhealth.com is a narcotic, you can’t buy it without prescription. I took this drug at the hospital, when the NSAIDs didn’t help me (I had the pain caused by the herniated disk).

Lily’s mother and I split up when Lily was very small. But very recently, like a few weeks ago, I got married again(!) My wife’s name is Sophie Gee. She’s a novelist and a professor at Princeton in the English department. (The 18th century is her specialty. But don’t try her on Milton either because she will fuck you up.) I love her so much I can’t even write about it here.

Finally, a forward-looking statement: Sophie is pregnant. Very pregnant. Sometime toward the end of June, beginning of July, I will drop off the face of the Earth and then re-emerge a couple of weeks later covered in vomit.

You’ve been warned.

12 comments on “What Is the Deal With Your Personal Life Lev Grossman If You Even Have One

  1. gminnj says:

    Thanks for this and best wishes on the upcoming birth! All good things to you & yours.

    Selfishly, I hope you find some time to keep at the sequel even while sleep-deprived and changing diapers.

  2. Karen Attaway says:

    Congrats! That is wonderful news.

  3. Rita says:

    Yes, I hope for the sequel, too!

    Thank you for filling us in on your background, for those of us who are joining mid-show here. Very cool life you’re leading. A newborn at 40 might be the most challenging thing yet though. You’ve got more guts than I do to take that on. Maybe she’ll go post-date and have the baby on July 31st?

  4. dougfort says:

    Congratulations and best wishes. After your posts on depression, It’s inspiring to see you engaging. I hope that (within the limits of whatever privacy you have left) you will keep us informed.

  5. Jeanne says:

    Congratulations! I can’t believe I missed the “Dirty Harry” label.

  6. M says:


  7. Church says:

    Congrats and congrats.

    Buy him a beer when he comes to your town, people. (He’s kinda sad otherwise.)

  8. amybillingham says:

    Hey Lev Grossman, what a lovely post!

    (I must now always refer to you by your full name, except on Twitter where it’s too many extra characters.)

    After hearing about your depression, disappointment and disillusionment, this post made me so freakin’ happy for you! Congratulations on all of your personal and professional prosperity.

    I am definitely going to check out Sophie’s book, but when I Googled her, I saw the most cute picture of you two, which led me to your Valentine’s Day song list, which led me to conclude that the two of you are now possibly my favorite people in the whole world. Indigo Girls and Jonathan Coulton? Code Monkey is one of my newest favorite songs and Closer to Fine is one of my favoritest favorite songs.

    : )

  9. Nicholas D. says:

    Dude… what good is your character sheet without any actual stats?!

    Bah, I’m sure you’re all twenties where it matters… Like ‘Ability to Channel Urban Ennui and Angst Into Creative Not-So-Alternate Reality Modern Fiction.’

    And so, in short, congratulations, sir!

    (Also, tangentially, as someone who has been checking your website from aeons ago – back when the ‘blog’ was simply ‘News’- what has inspired your new voracious posting speed when it was so rarely updated before?)



  10. Leverus says:

    @Nicholas D I always wanted to post like this. But this site was all raw HTML before. Then I had my web person rebuild this whole site in WordPress, so I can do real content management …

  11. NerdlynNY says:

    If they don’t have it already and especially if they live far away, get the grandparents webcams. It was THE best Mother’s day gift we gave our parents when my niece was born. Oh and get yourself a webcam too. No way is Sophie is going to let you hold a laptop over the crib….

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