Monday, July 5th, 2010

The Paris Review Asked Me a Good Question

Lorin Stein at The Paris Review asked me and Laura Miller what we would give a non-literary 13-year-old to show them the kind of weird, excellent stuff novels can do.

Our answers are here.

(The short version of my answer is, Cat’s Cradle and The Once and Future King.)

8 comments on “The Paris Review Asked Me a Good Question

  1. dennitzio says:

    Wait, is The Once and Future King existential? See, this is why I’m not a literary critic. Of course, in Hollywood, “existential” means “unwatchable”…

  2. amybillingham says:

    now i must re-read cat’s cradle, too.

  3. Bhumika says:

    I read The Once and Future King so many times as a teen, and I still recommend it to people all the time!

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