Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Seasonal Affective Destruction

I’m not so much posting just at present. I’ve gone on leave from Time to finish The Magician King, and it turns out that that has involved really decisively disconnecting https://ampills.com from the Internet and “social” order azithromycin for chlamydia “media” and really reality in general. That combined with the usual seasonal affective disaster has caused me to fall silent.

But fear not. I will rise and blather once again, as the ancient sages foretold.

15 comments on “Seasonal Affective Destruction

  1. M says:

    it’s okay…
    i’ve got it too…
    only 2 or more months to go till i bounce back 😀

    best of luck

  2. Church says:

    Fare thee well, you go from a place filled with indescribable crap and thoughtless vomit, to…

    Well, I think you’ll make the transition without much difficulty.

  3. K.M. Walton says:

    You can do it. No doubt.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Good luck!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope your next book is as good as the Magicians.

    I particularly liked the way in which you made Plato’s theory of the forms (and transcendence in general) deeply uncanny through the figure of Martin Chatwin, who’s physical instantiation just the tip of the tentacle of something much larger.

    It’s a very interesting kind of artistic gesture – and probably one that’s unique to the postmodern situation in terms of working.

  6. Martin says:

    Hi Lev! I am currently about two thirds of the way through reading ‘The Magicians’ and am loving it! When I heard that you were working on the sequel, I was thrilled. Any idea when it will be available?

    I completed the first draft of my first novel in December and I’m currently working on redrafts, so I understand the need to set course away from the time-eating black hole that is Internet.

    Best wishes to you and may the muses be generous!

  7. Mrow says:

    Soooooo, about that book you were writing, that I’ve been waiting for since the summer.

  8. Hi Lev! I’m from Chile and I just read your book ”The Magicians” I love it!Is exiting. I can´t wait for the second part.
    The shame is that I have to wait more than everyone because I’m too far.
    Hugs from Chile.
    Ps:Sorry for my english.

  9. Adam Ralston says:

    Just finished “The Magicians” for the second time. I am amazed how I become utterly lost in the truth in this novel. It is described as fantasy, but it really is more of an antidote to fantasy for me. You are not afraid to tie up all the loose ends and lies that fiction teaches us. You show us that indeed our dreams can be real, and the places we visit in books exist, but they certainly don’t “exist” FOR us. They also aren’t just sitting around waiting for us to experience pleasure from them. It’s real life, not escapism that draws me towards this novel.

    Just very glad to hear that you are working on a sequel. I just crave more of this world and I know it is there in your head somewhere. Maybe the girl on the floating book will be explained. Or maybe the blood thirsty giraffes, or none of it. I think it is there. All of it. And it goes down, down, down, turtles all the way.

  10. Frankie Leet says:

    Hi Lev! That seems to be the agreed upon introduction. Just wanted to stop by and say how much “The Magicians” means to me. The way you created something that is both an homage *and* a shining example of…it reminds me of an Edgar Weight movie, but in place of comedy bits there’s a kind of gritty reality I’m not used to reading. The way you captured the feelings of college age men…being on top of the world but powerless, all-knowing but hopelessly ignorant and disillusioned…and then the end…ARGH!! I can’t wait. Beeing at just about the point in my life where the first book left off…well, suffice to say I can’t wait to see what happens next. I feel almost affronted that it didn’t catch like wildfire more than it did, but can’t tell you how pleased I am that you’re hard at work on the sequel. Seriously, you hit something deep with me man, you have a real gift. Best of luck on finishing the book, can’t wait to continue the journey.

  11. Frankie Leet says:

    Also I did have a question: are you a fan of China Mieville or Patrick Rothfuss? Just idle curiosity…you three I think of on a whole other level than other current authors, so yeah, just wondering how familiar my unknowing mentors are =)

  12. Leverus says:

    Thanks Frankie. I am big fans of both of theirs. I dunno if you’re in NYC, but China and I are chatting onstage at Word bookstore in Greenpoint, I think it’s in June. Of course China is 300x smarter than me, as well as being taller and better looking, so I’m not going to come off well, but come by if you’re able. (p.s. I’m also a massive Edgar Wright fan. Massive.)

  13. Leverus says:

    @everybody no firm pub date yet, but we’re rolling forward. the ms is now w/ my beta-readers …

  14. April says:

    Hey Buddy! We’re all getting angrier and angrier at you…where’s that dang book already!

    You know, it was pretty mean-spirited to write such a rockin’ book and not quickly publish a follow-up. What else can we read? Get to it already mister!!

    Love, a fan!

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