Friday, August 19th, 2011

Gimme Welters: The View from Reno

Greetings from Reno, Nevada. I’m here for WorldCon. It’s incredibly hot here. The kind of heat that kind of weighs on your head, like as if masses of photons are literally pounding down on you. The kind of heat that makes you think,  I am not evolved for this shit.

OK, Google says it’s only 88. But I’m telling you, it feels hot.

I have been reminded of the tour name. It is Gimme Welters. All credit for this great name to commenter Austin Wilson. In honor of the greatness of the name, the infinitely great Amy Billingham has created this official tour graphic:

I know, right? I know!

(People have been asking me when the CafePress store is going to open. Soon. Seriously, I saw the final designs for it like five minutes ago.)

Now some things that need announcing:

The Magician King will be number 8 on the New York Times bestseller list next week. As far as news goes, this goes in the good category

— Over at Largehearted Boy I wrote a (heavily annotated) playlist of the music I listened to while I wrote The Magician King. Topics covered include: Metric, Ravel, famous people who went to my high school, and the advertising jingle for Mercenaries 2.

— At Whatever — John Scalzi’s blog — I wrote a mini-essay about The Big Idea of The Magician King. Yes, I dragged my mother into it.

— Finally at the Huffington Post I wrote a list of the greatest cocktails in literature.

As Brett Ashley would say: bung-o. If you’re at WorldCon, I’m doing a literary beer at 3:00 today, and tomorrow at 2:00 I’m reading in room A-14. Then tomorrow night are the Hugo Awards. This is important because it’s an excuse for me to wear my tuxedo.

Finally — and I put this to the commenters — I’m trying to decide whether to take an hour off from WorldCon and play some poker in the casino. I’m an avid home-game poker player, but I’ve never taken it to the card room. Because I’m not James Bond. Or am I? The tuxedo could come into play here too.

9 comments on “Gimme Welters: The View from Reno

  1. JSE says:

    Which of your offhand references on Largehearted Boy pleased me more — Eugene Mirman or “Here’s Where The Story Ends”? I cannot say.

  2. AlanM says:

    I clicked to your article about the greatest cocktails in literature and was ready to snark all over you in high geek dudgeon for missing the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and then you went and spoiled it all by mentioning it.

  3. Tim Keating says:

    Just say no to poker. You might get on a winning streak, and then you’ll either have to ride it out or bail. No-win situation.

    And–88? Pshaw. You should come visit us in Austin, where we have to wear snowshoes just so we don’t sink into the roads.

  4. Jean-Daniel says:

    Just saw you got the Campbell. Congrats !

  5. singingcynic says:

    a.) Up The Wolves is easily my favorite Mountain Goats song among the hundreds in J.D.’s huge canon.

    b.) I loved the Magician King and devoured it in about two days… congrats on writing a truly human fantasy novel. Which brings me to:

    c.) When is the next book slated to come out? Have your publishers given you a new deadline?

  6. singingcynic says:

    Oh, and d.) are you going to release a guide to the allusions and references in The Magician King like you did for The Magicians? Cause, that would be awesome.

  7. Joanna says:

    Ok, first, yes poker. why not? you did just publish a pretty damn awesome book! 🙂

    Truly, I’m posting to say thank you on many levels.
    I picked up the Magicians months ago and let it collect dust on my dresser. Until last Sunday…when I didn’t put it down. (That would be thank you #1.) After finding myself in a post-reading stupor, I was curious about you and read a bit on this blog. I happened to stumble on some of your posts about depression/meds and that’s where thank you #2 comes in. I’m currently in the middle of a pretty annoying (yes, that might be an understatement) struggle with depression and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have read a near perfect articulation of some of my own thoughts, feelings, & even reactions to various meds. I might have borrowed some of those words at an appt. this week… so THANKS!

    I tried to hold off reading the Magician King until vacation next week but saw it in the airport at Logan yesterday (oh yeah, from boston…super bummed I missed the brookline tour!) In spite of the fact that I purchased it at the beginning of a 24 hour trip that needed to be spent with the in-laws (i.e. not reading), I finished it today.
    Of course I totally loved it. But, what I’m really wanting to thank you for is the way you’ve search for happiness, letting go of perfection or whatever you want to call it. I feel like in both books, I’ve just read something that will turn out to be a pretty profound tool as I sort things out for myself. I can’t quite put my finger on it but maybe it’s enough to say that these books are better than any FTB cocktail…they are simply human in the best way.
    (an astronomer & long-time nerd & artist from MA)

  8. Jaimie says:

    Congrats on your Campbell win!!! I now feel justified for loving your book. Yep. I knew it was good.

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