Saturday, January 28th, 2012

In Lieu of a Post, Another Amazing Image from Chris Shy

I’m still in Sydney, still only online once in a while. I’m back February 3. In the meantime look at this image of the Physical Kids encountering their first clock-tree.

Incredible. Click through for full glorious detail. It’s by Christopher Shy, who also made this.

10 comments on “In Lieu of a Post, Another Amazing Image from Chris Shy

  1. John says:

    Which page is this? Shouldn’t Josh, Richard and Janet be there as well or am I forgeting something? Probably yes, but anyway, awesome piece!

    You should frame these, Lev.

  2. Jaimie says:

    That’s so badass.

  3. Leverus says:

    I’m figuring out how to make framed prints available through CafePress. Figuring out very … slowly …

  4. Heather Head says:

    Amazing again. Will you be selling autographed prints?

  5. M says:

    that’s pretty damn glorious

  6. Leverus says:

    @Heather that’s a good idea

  7. Heather Head says:

    @Lev then sign me up.

  8. K. M. Walton says:

    That is just amazing.

  9. Carly Svamvour says:

    Hi Lev – I became aware of your writing at Goodreads – I’m now halfway through The Magician King and really like it.

    Thanks for being here.

  10. Tim says:

    I will totally buy this print. Signed or un.

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