Friday, November 29th, 2013

Post Haste

This is a hasty post. The last couple of months have been really really intense with work. As is the present month. Also this one coming up is going to be pretty hardcore too.

A lot of the work has been for Time: there’s been a lot of book reviewing, and some serious interviewing, and I wrote some quickie posts about things like the Nobel Prize and the 50th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’s death. I also edited a special section (in the process reminding myself  why I must never be placed in a management position, ever).

Plus I co-wrote two cover stories. And that’s just the stuff that’s come out already. There’s more stacked up waiting to be published. It’s a little nuts.

Though really the thing I’ve written this fall that I’m most proud of is my pep talk for NaNoWriMo, which sums up a lot of my thinking about why novels are hard to write, and why you should write them anyway.

There’s another reason this post is late and hasty, buy mens health capsules, which is that I’ve been waiting to write it because there’s a couple of things I want to announce, and I keep zithromax powder online  thinking I’ll get the green light … but I haven’t got it yet. So I’m posting now, and I’ll post again when I can share. At least I can show you the cover of The Magician’s Land, if you haven’t seen it already:


What do you think? I have limited control over what goes on the covers of my books, but I can honestly say that personally I adore this image. I just get lost in it.

Like the other Magicians covers it’s a work of constructed photography by Didier Massard. We talked about using it for the cover of The Magician King, but I’m glad we saved it. It circles back to the cover of The Magicians—those trees have a strong family resemblance—but at the same time it pulls back the frame, like we’re catching the last chopper out of Fillory, as some kind of apocalyptic Fimbulwinter sets in…

On sale August 5, 2014. Assuming I get it done. I need to turn in a draft for copy-editing on December 18. See you then.

32 comments on “Post Haste

  1. dave loan says:

    Great cover and very much looking forward to the next book!

  2. That’s a gorgeous cover! Looking forward to reading the book.

  3. Jonathan Hughes says:

    I like the cover. It does seem like we are looking at the trees on the first cover, which has a nice symmetry to it. Hurry and turn in the draft already!!!! I’m dying over till August!

  4. Breanna Hunt Halder says:

    I’m rereading the first two right now… Enjoying them so much (again)!
    How am I going to make it to August 5!?

  5. brecko says:

    The cover looks fabulous but those trees need clocks! I am going to have to reread the first two again as well before this one comes out. Looking forward..

  6. Jaimie says:

    I absolutely love that cover. So, nothing can really beat the first cover, which might be the best cover in the history of all fantasy books, but this has way, way more mood. Which is exactly what you want for a sequel, I think.

    Thanks for your pep talk. Those really help during the month. You pushed a lot of writers, including me, over the finish line. (Read: I won!)

  7. Timothy says:

    Your Nanowrimo pep talk really inspired. I crossed the finish line today and feel really great. Thanks for the help.

    Love the cover – I’ve already preordered my copy.

  8. Happiest news I’ve gotten in weeks!

  9. Eric says:

    Cannot wait for the 3rd book in the series! These are my favorite books – right up there with Harry Potter.

  10. Mariah says:

    It looks amazing- cannot wait til august! I need to go back and reread the first two now…

  11. MH says:

    That’s one of the best fantasy covers I’ve ever seen.

    Really looking forward to this, so many open questions left. Maybe it won’t be just a trilogy? Who knows!

  12. Church says:

    *Multiple* trees. Brilliant!

  13. Trevor Sutherland says:

    I cannot wait! The anticipation is killing me! These are some of my favorite books.

  14. Dave's Guitar says:

    Cover is terrific but raises more questions in anticipation than I was already buried beneath so let that book be born…whole family and friends hanging on to sanity until then…Have an excellent Holiday season and a prosperous, healthy New Year to you and yours…

  15. Gage says:

    Great cover! And best of luck with the Dec. 18 deadline. I’m really looking forward to reading The Magician’s Land (<—— huge understatement).

  16. Sara says:

    I can’t wait for August! The cover looks beautiful.

  17. Anasuya says:

    Your Nano pep talk meant a lot to me. I crossed the finish line with 52,000 words and a nascent political crisis here in Thailand.

    And that’s 52,000 words of steaming unreadable eel puke, huzzah!

  18. Kevin says:

    By the time you get back around to regular blogging we’ll be all “shut up, I’m reading The Magician’s Land!”

  19. Andrew Price says:

    Reading Ringworld. Thank you for the introduction!

    Even though I’ve known the 2014 publishing date for a while, I have to deliberately keep away from your section at Powell’s books to check and see if Magician’s Land is there.

    Annnnnnd: Awesome tag for this post.

  20. Charles Manning says:

    I am DYING for this book to come out. I can’t keep waiting. You are KILLING ME, Lev Grossman! Please tell me that after this you will continue to write fantasy or even sci-fi! I can’t. I just CAN’T!

  21. Salvador says:

    I’m so excited for this next book. The ending of the last book is one of my favorite endings of any story I’ve experienced.

  22. Jess MaHoney says:

    I am absolutely elated that it is less than a year until the release…
    I’ve been an avid fantasy nerd for the last twenty years and I can say that the world you created within this series is unmatched. I adore this series and can. not. wait. for the conclusion to Q’s story.

  23. Raaya says:

    You could use a brown paper bag as the cover and I’d still buy it. Can’t wait ’til August!

  24. lindsay L says:

    I love the cover and canNOT wait for this book! Hurry up August!

  25. nicolas says:

    The cover is great. I too am rereading your first too. Alice…

    You manage quite a bit of magic in all your writing Lev! Other posters, if you haven’t already, read Codex.

  26. Sandi says:

    Loved the cover, can’t wait till August. I will reread the first 2 around July. Have a good break.
    Thank so much.

  27. Sydney says:

    Maybe not intentional, but love that it mimics that idea of rebirth (green shooting up after all the draaaama of winter and book 2).
    Also, side note: my wedding is being catered by a restaurant called the Renard and now I feel sort of bad about that.
    Can’t wait until august.

  28. Jeff P says:

    I must say, I really, really love the cover designs on these books. Even more so, I love the spines. Cool designs, and amazingly, horizontal print that looks right when the book is standing up! It’s amazing the difference that makes- just look at any beautifully bound old book sometime. Now look at a crappily bound modern one. Notice a difference in how the type is arranged? Yes, the smaller print means the title doesn’t shout at you from across the room. But it’s constrained, balanced. Beautiful.

    You also notice that the old ones are cloth or leather bound while the new ones are clothed in construction paper, but hey, I’ll settle for a dust jacket that evokes the style.

  29. Maikon says:

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  31. Maria says:

    Hey Lev, it looks like someone’s managed to hack your blog… There’s a non-ironic link to men’s health capsules in here, in addition to an equally suspicious comment.

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