Monday, February 16th, 2015

A Quick, Completely Self-Promotional Note on Awards and Events

Very quick. I wouldn’t even be posting this except that a minor point came up that requires clarification. Totally technical thing.

The Magician’s buy azithromycin tablets Land is eligible for a Hugo this year, and obviously I’d be over the moon, way over, if it made the final ballot. I’ve never been on one. But it’s been pointed out to me by a couple of people that technically it might also be possible to nominate the Magicians trilogy as a whole, instead of just the book by itself. (This rule came up last year when the Wheel of Time series was ruled eligible in its entirety.)

I didn't specify which moon I would be over (this is Callisto, one of Jupiter's moons)

But—having talked to a couple of people who understand the process way better than I do (which is basically not at all)—for various reasons I think it’s better not to take the whole-trilogy approach. So just in case you’re a Hugo voter and you think you might want to vote for the books, I’m suggesting that people just vote for The Magician’s Land on its own.

Though it’s probably all academic in a year stuffed full of excellent work by the likes of Jeff Vandermeer, Ann Leckie, John Scalzi, Jo Walton, William Gibson and many, many others — there’s a good list of Hugo-eligible books here. The competition’s beyond stiff. I’ve gotta stop publishing in the same year as these people.

I’m not going to publish anything at all this year, except for journalism (and blog posts). It’s a writing year for me, not a publishing year. But I do have a few public appearances coming up. On Wednesday, February 18, I’ll be doing an extremely fun event called Person Place Thing in Brooklyn, where I’ll be talking and telling stories, and there’ll be music by Mamie Minch. Then on March 9 I’ll be reading as part of the 6th anniversary of the Franklin Park Reading Series, which is a great series. Its name notwithstanding, it happens in a bar, not a park.

3 comments on “A Quick, Completely Self-Promotional Note on Awards and Events

  1. Jaimie says:

    I’m reading The Courage to Write and the author pointed out that people who had won the Pulitzer did not go on to write another “great” book. I don’t know how true that is but it seems true. Basically, accolades can be deadening to the thing that often drives us to write: a desire to stick it to ’em. ‘Em being the people that make us feel worthless and invisible. After we can, that’s lost.

    But this is the Hugo, so I hope you stick it to ’em.

  2. Annette Tucker says:

    I just finished listening to the Magician’s Land. Loved the series and reader Mark Bramhall. The Cozy Horse made me very happy! 🙂 Best of Luck on your Hugo!!

  3. Nicholas Montgomery says:

    This series has definitely meant a lot to me through my own problems with depression, anxiety, complete lack of motivation, etc. You’ve gotten a lot of recognition and praise for these books, and you definitely deserve it and so much more for the world(s) you’ve created. I’ve been loaning my copies out to friends left and right, who have in turn gone out to buy a copy and have been loaning it around!

    Good luck on that Hugo, and everything else to come in your life. Hopefully, someday I’ll save up enough to get myself to New York to visit a few friends and see you speak!


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