Monday, June 15th, 2015

The Last Magicians Tour, West Coast Leg

As I write this it’s Sunday night. I’m coming off a weekend of chasing my children around the house, and the park, and also of trying to figure out where all the ants in the house are coming from. Also I wrote about six words of my new book.

The gnome is on book tour. This image created by the great Rien Poortvliet for the equally great book GNOMES, with text by Wil Huygen

This  coming week gets even more exciting: I’m heading out on the second leg of the Magician’s Land paperback tour. (Note to self: stop giving books titles that start with ‘the,’ as it makes for awkward grammar.)

— On Tuesday, June 16, I’ll be in Portland at the incomparable Powell’s City of Books on Burnside

— On Wednesday, June 17, I’ll be in Seattle at the Elliot Bay Book Co.

— On Thursday, June 18, I’ll be at the Booksmith in San Francisco.

These are (probably) the last Magicians events I’ll ever do, as in future I’ll be promoting whatever monstrosity it is I write next, so I’d love it if you could come. Next week: Burlington, Washington DC, and then Brooklyn.

20 comments on “The Last Magicians Tour, West Coast Leg

  1. Mike says:

    Are these exclusively signings, or will you also give a talk/Q&A?

  2. Leverus says:

    Definitely talk/Q&A. Signing too, but the other stuff is the main event.

  3. Julia Rohan says:

    Monstrosities? I highly doubt that, my friend. I’m a slow reader, so by the time your tour brings you to my neck of the woods (Montreal, Qc) I’ll have finished “King” and “Land” and be ready for your next bit of magic…

  4. Caroline Lucas says:

    My question is when you are coming out to Edmonton. I’d love to see that happen, especially when I don’t know if we will have a chance to talk again at GeekyCon this summer…

  5. Luda Shuster says:

    No Menlo Park or other Peninsula location? Commute to San Frncisco on Thursday night is very hard.

  6. Leverus says:

    I know! I don’t make the schedule. It’s mostly based on which bookstores reached out to us. Maybe nobody volunteered to host an event.

  7. Colin says:

    When will you be returning to Canada? Toronto, specifically.

  8. Arthur Pearson says:

    I was wrong. Powell’s had no copy of Fritz Leiber’s ‘The Big Time’. I was going to bring one up to you. Do find it and read it! I have lost count of how many times I have.

  9. Arthur Pearson says:

    Yep, love that Emsh cover on the Ace Double Edition, which is the one I read back in high school.

  10. Arthur Pearson says:

    scratch that last. improperly credited.

  11. Arthur Pearson says:

    started illustrating in 1951

  12. Carlos Roda says:

    Hello Lev,

    Is there any forecast released his third book in Brazil?

    Or a visitor in your country?

  13. Jerry Pennington says:

    Is there any way to get a hardback copy of all three books signed by you?

  14. Sam Hoiland says:

    Dang… I was reading this and thought it was referring to 2016. Noooo. So many unanswered questions.

    Well, thank you Lev Grossman for writing this incredible trilogy. They got me through some dark times. The Magicians has been for me what Fillory and Further was to Quentin.

    Dark and nerdy and magical and real. Too amazing.

  15. Sam Hoiland says:

    Oh, and fucking hilarious! Has to be said. I’ve never snorted into my cereal so many times while reading any other fantasy book. Ok that’s all, I’m done.

  16. David says:

    This is sad to hear for new fans of the series like me who’ve torn through all three Magicians in a short amount of time and would love to meet you and get a copy autographed.

    Your books have helped me through a really rough time, I’m a disabled 25 year old stuck in the prison that is my health. The journey Quinten and Co. go through in the trilogy has provided a wondrous distraction and a twinge of hope for someone who’s grown to hate life in general.

    I wish for nothing more than a chance to step into breakbills oneday, to walk through its winding halls and secret passages. To see magic and maybe even find a Fillory of my very own would simply be, an Ember send.

  17. fanotheseries says:

    Lev – I just wanted to drop a quick line: I’m in the midst of reading yet another fantasy book in which the Talented Youngster goes to the Famous University to learn Secret Things. Of course he’s admitted, demonstrates his skills and becomes the Most Impressive Student.

    Lordy. How many times has this been done? (Not that I don’t love Wizard of Earth Sea, mind you.)

    But it’s making me also fall even more in love with Julia’s character: the ultimate non-conformist plot! WTF? She doesn’t get in? What’s a character to do now…?!? And we get to follow her on her gutsy, heartbreaking, all-in quest until she finally gets to that one door (I swear I’ve listened to the chapter of her wandering in Bed Stuy about 50 times) and she finally gets to Murs and finds HER people. Thank you for writing her as an outsider character who still finds peace and resolution, despite going through hell. It’s a thin thread she’s walking but a lifeline for a lot of readers, I wager.

    Anyway. Just wanted to say that.

    Oh, and please keep writing your blog!


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