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Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Show and Tour

I should have done a post a while ago, obviously, when the TV show got greenlit. But I didn’t. I was distracted, by among other things the TV show being greenlit. If you post questions in the comments below I’ll try to answer them, but be warned: I will mostly fail, either because I don’t know the answers, or I can’t say.

More news: the paperback of Magician’s ┬áLand is out in June, and I’ll be going on tour. Exact details will be posted shortly, but I’ll be coming to Seattle (June 17), Portland (June 16), DC (June 24), San Francisco (June 18), New Haven (June 11), Boston (June 10) and Burlington, VT (June 23). As well as plain old New York (June 9 in Manhattan, June 25 in Brooklyn). (Dates are tentative-ish, but pretty firm.) Also I’ll be in San Diego for┬áComic-Con in July.

I want to call out the Cambridge event in particular, because it’ll be a conversation with Gregory Maguire, who wrote Wicked, and I’m unspeakably excited about it. It’s at the Brattle Theater, by way of Harvard Bookstore. It’s also a big deal to me because I grew up around there. I hope you’ll come if you can.