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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Seattle and Suchlike and So Forth

Our city today is quiet, wave-lapped La Jolla, CA. I am here because of its proximity to the great Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, where I’m reading tonight.

A few quick things:

Watch me win the Campbell award! It’s technically not a Hugo award, but it happens at the Hugo awards! My bit starts at around 1:07.

This picture is stolen from io9. I'm sorry! I couldn't find any others.

— I realize now that I never announced the coordinates of my Seattle reading. That was lame of me. It’s at the U District branch of University Book Store, this Friday night (the 26th) at 7:00.

— My daughter Lily and I are on Pottermore. I left a digital recorder on during our first session and then later, because I thought it was funny, transcribed it and posted it on Time.com, where bizarrely it is currently the most-read generic zithromax cheap story. (I gave her a fake name: Plum.) Now I worry that it reads too much like a negative review of the site. I was pretty impressed with Pottermore, I just thought it could have done a little better job of educating users about how it works and what it wants from them. I do however disagree with “Plum,” who believes that owls are “just a normal kind of animal.”

I even feel that levitralab.com has increased my libido and made the penis more sluggish. Absolutely no side effects happened. Now I can have sex 3-4 times at night and even the next morning. No problems with ejaculation, too.

— If you’ve always wanted to see the Eschaton scene from Infinite Jest acted out over a Decembrists song, you may have to find a new life goal.

— The next three days are: Pasadena, Menlo Park, Portland. If you live in one of those places, come out! I will read to you. It’ll be just like an audiobook that you can’t turn off.