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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Why They Don’t Do Behind the Music for Books

“Everything seemed to be going right. He was on top of the world.”

[Shot of writer on couch typing on laptop]

“But the pressure was mounting. His contract stated that he had to deliver a new book, even while he was still touring to promote the last one.”

[Shot of writer on couch typing on laptop]

“Something had to give.”

[Shot of writer on couch typing on laptop. Key grip’s hand in corner of frame, nudging beer toward writer.]

WRITER (annoyed): Jesus, what are you doing? It’s like 11 in the morning.

PRODUCER (out of shot): Oh forget it. Just make it look like he drank it.

Noises off.

“All day binges. Trashed hotel rooms.”

Camera goes all unsteady, starts dropping frames.

WRITER (looks up from typing): Jesus Christ, I folded those!

Shot is put through blue filter so everything looks freaky.

“He was losing his grip on reality.”

WRITER (punches back of couch): Fucking Twitter is down again.

PRODUCER (out of shot): Good. I like the anger.

WRITER: Hey, am I allowed to use the mini-bar?

“Coming up next: the greatest mind of his generation drinks a flavored espresso beverage … and gets a tummy ache.”

And scene. I want you to know I put a lot of thought into formatting that.

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