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Thursday, April 7th, 2011

The Magician King: This Is What the Cover Looks Like

At long last, The Magician King has a cover. It looks like this:

Like the Magicians cover, it’s the work of Didier Massard. He’s an amazing French artist who builds little scenes in his studio and photographs them. Yes, that’s a photograph of a model. If you were tiny, you could go and live in it! I encourage you to click through to the big version. The level of detail is amazing.

Ages ago — almost a year ago now — we talked where to order zithromax about which of Massard’s images would work as a cover on this blog, and a bunch of you mentioned this one as a contender. And now it’s here! The system works.

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p.s. The grey stuff around the edges of the letters will be silver foil. If you were wondering.