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Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Returning from the Underworld

I write this on a train heading southbound from Boston to New York City. I grew up near Boston, and went to college there, and then spent some of my disastrous post-college years there. As a result there’s so much bad psychic ju-ju for me in Boston that going there always feels like some kind of monomyth-style descent into the underworld.

It’s not Boston’s fault. It’s my fault. My wife Sophie went to graduate school there, and she freaking loves Boston. She’s always proposing merry jaunts up that way. I bet she’d marry it if she weren’t married to me. Damn you Boston!

CafePress has opened its official Magicians merch store. It’s meant to be the central clearing house for any and all Magicians t-shirts, bags, mugs and other objects anywhere. They’ve seeded it with a few designs, but the heart of the store is going to be the fan-made stuff, of which there are already some kick-ass examples.

And there will be more, as people buy zithromax with paypal post them, including items based on the fan art I’ve featured on the site in the past. So if you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back. Chances are it will show up sooner or later.

I quite often appear on radio shows and podcasts and such. I don’t link to them up here, for reasons related to my laziness and inertia. I wish I had the power to change this, but you can’t fight City Hall. But since I’m stuck on a wi-fi-enabled train, I may as well mention that I was recently on Jon Armstrong’s If You’re Just Joining Us, Rick Kleffel’s The Agony Column, The Functional Nerds podcast, and the BBC’s Open Book (with Erin Morgenstern). Let the sound of my stuttery, strangly-sounding voice ring out across the land!

Five years ago, my endocrinologist advised me xenicallab.com aka Orlistat and the drug helped me to lose weight (in 3 months I lost almost 20 kg).

Oh, and on Friday my appearance on Kurt Andersen’s Studio 360 will air. I wonder if he’ll leave in the part where we agreed that Neil Gaiman is a beautiful man.