Edward Wozny, a high-flying twenty-something personal banker, is about to take his first vacation in years. But before he can quite relax an unusual assignment comes his way: A wealthy, aristocratic client is asking — insisting even — that he help her inventory the private library she and her husband have inherited.

The couple is looking for something, of course: a medieval manuscript, a codex. In the course of his search Edward meets Margaret, a disaffected graduate student who has her own scholarly stake in the search, even though she’s convinced the codex — an obscure travel narrative by an eccentric 14th Century civil servant — is a fraud, if it even exists at all. The search takes Edward and Margaret into the labyrinthine depths of the world’s most exclusive libraries, and back in time to the life of the book’s author, Gervase of Langford, a contemporary of Chaucer’s who was hiding secret sorrows of his own. The closer they get the more the clues multiply and ramify and invade other parts of Edward’s life. And that’s before the searchers begin turning on each other…

Codex is a literary thriller in the tradition of The Name of the Rose, Possession and The Secret History, with dashes of Neal Stephenson and Jorge Luis Borges thrown in for good measure. It’s also an unusual love story, as well as a love letter to the mysteries and wonders of the Book, the death of which has been wildly exaggerated.