The Bright Sword

★ “Breathtaking … epic fantasy fans will hang on every word”—Publishers Weekly
★ “Astoundingly, a fresh take on an extremely well-trodden legend”—Kirkus
★ “Highly recommended”—Library Journal
★ “This epic fantasy is sure to be a hit”—Booklist

“Utterly enchanting.” —Rebecca Yarros, author of Fourth Wing and Iron Flame

“The creator of The Magicians has woven another spell.”—George R. R. Martin, author of A Game of Thrones

“This book is not only one of the best of the year, but it’s one of the best Arthurian novels ever”—Lit Hub

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Magicians trilogy returns in July 2024 with a triumphant reimagining of the King Arthur legend for the new millennium

A gifted young knight named Collum arrives at Camelot to compete for a spot on the Round Table, only to find that he’s too late. King Arthur is dead, and only a handful of the knights of the Round Table survive.

They aren’t the heroes of legend, like Lancelot or Gawain. They’re the oddballs of the Round Table, from the edges of the stories, like Sir Palomides, the Saracen Knight, and Sir Dagonet, Arthur’s fool, who was knighted as a joke. They’re joined by Nimue, who was Merlin’s apprentice until she buried him under a hill.

Together this ragtag fellowship will set out to rebuild Camelot in a world that has lost its balance, even as the fairies and old gods are returning, led by Arthur’s half-sister Morgan le Fay, and rival factions are forming around the disgraced Lancelot and the fallen Queen Guinevere. It is up to Collum and his companions to reclaim Excalibur, solve the mysteries of this ruined world and make it whole again. But first they’ll have to learn the truth of why the lonely, brilliant King Arthur fell.

The first major Arthurian epic of the new millennium, The Bright Sword is steeped in tradition, full of duels and quests, battles and tournaments, magic swords and Fisher Kings. It’s a story about imperfect men and women, full of strength and pain, who are looking for a way to reforge a broken land in spite of being broken themselves.